Take care of water, minimize consumption and ensure his savings

Take care of water, minimize consumption and ensure his savings

During this month, with the objective of minimize the consumption of water and without affecting the quality of our prunes and walnuts production, in Superfruit were implemented different courses and trainings to our Orchard Managers, Sectors and irrigation system chiefs, to have a great management, monitoring and program our fruits orchards irrigations timings.

The courses were:

  • Physiology and irrigation management in Prunes and Walnuts orchards / Realized by “Universidad Mayor».
  • General aspects in Calibration, Maintenance and Moisture Monitoring / Realized by “Universidad Catolica”.
  • Course for SCHOLANDER Chamber
Physiology and Irrigation Management in Prunes and Walnuts

The objective of this program is to improve the technical capabilities of the team that work with the irrigation system in our Prunes and Walnuts orchards, through theoretical and practical cases. The program gives prunes and walnuts physiological fundaments of water stress practices to shunt into some agrochemical techniques to determine yield and quality.

General aspects of Calibration, Maintenance and Moisture Monitoring

30 persons participated during this activity which the objective was to understand the possible problems and the respective maintenance of water collection, control center and water distribution network. Then, the idea was to understand better the different instruments for moisture measurement.

SCHOLANDER Chamber Training

The objective was to learn how to use in a correct way the pressure chamber, to measure the xilematic potential hydric.

With the correct use of this instrument we will be able to:

  • Know if our plants are in a hydric deficit or with a good quantity of water.
  • Know if it is possible to add less water than what the plants need without compromising, even improving, the quality. This point is very important due the deficit of water availability in some agricultural areas.

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