Because Superfruit is worried about the climate change!

Because Superfruit is worried about the climate change!

Is not something new that the world is going through some serious problems of Water availability. In different parts of the World, and in Chile, there is the constant risk of compromise an entire harvest because of lack of water.

We know that the world needs to change the importance and priority we are giving to this major problem, that is why in Superfruit we are in constand research and investigation in order to take care of this vital element, Water.

In some Prunes and Walnuts Hectares Superfruit is doing a test of how we can save water in the irrigation of the trees by covering the pipes from the sun and hit (to avoid evaporation) with different materials; Plastic Mulch, Walnuts Shells, and Nets; and we will irrigiate this area with 50% of the water we would use normally

The results of these test will be communicated, we hope to comeback with great news!

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