Another perfect pruning in Superfruit

Another perfect pruning in Superfruit

As in previous years, we have carefully carried out the pruning of trees in our fields. This process has to be done correctly as is key for the life of the plum trees, it allows them to develop strong and healthy.

This task has two goals:

1) Structural pruning, which is done, in the case of D’Agen plum trees, in order to keep shape of the plant.

2) Productive pruning, which is done to potentiate the growth and development of big size fruit and to promote the inducement of floral bud for the next season.

If this process is not carried out in the correct way it can produce premature aging of the tree, having floral buds of bad quality and fertility. The consequence of this instability in production, meaning having good years and bad years. Another negative effect is that it can end in a bad fruit load, having fruit units, and therefore, low size fruits.

Our constant concern for each step in the productive process is to obtain a better quality fruit and deliver the product that our costumers deserve.

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