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Our Company A big story

It was the year 1986 when AGROSUPER decided to enter in the fruit business, becoming one of the main exporting industries from Chile. Then SUPERFRUIT is born, company dedicated to the production, processing and exporting of high quality fruit that has been able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding countries at worldwide scale.

Superfruit nowadays has 1040 hectares with plums, 565 hectares of walnuts and 560 hectares of fresh fruit (nectarines, kiwis, grapes, peaches and japanese plum) planted in the areas of Rancagua, Lolol and Melipilla.

We care about providing complete solutions to our costumers, watching for the timely supplying of products in the national and international market. Our priority is quality, in products and in services as well, and in this way guarantees the excellence and incomparable characteristics that only Superfruit can give.

With a long work of years, is that we have become the main agroindustrial company in Chile and one of the biggest exporters of dried fruit in America.

Working Areas Premium nature

Thanks to our permanents commitment for the quality and freshness of our products, to the constant concern for the environment and our solid values that support our company and for the dedicated work of our team, we have managed to successfully place our products in more than 31 countries, mainly Europe, Asia and America.

Dried Fruit

We own 1605 hectares of cultivated fields, and an annual production of 11,200 tons of dried fruit, like dried fruit, like prunes plums and walnuts. It is an area of business in permanent growth and it is expected a volume of production of 12,000 tons of these crops over the next two years.

Fresh Fruit

We own 560 hectares of cultivated fields, and we annually carry out exports of 800.000 boxes of kiwis, grapes and fruits nectarines. To the previously mentioned, there must be added 10.000.000 kilos of tinned peaches a year, oriented to the national market.

Our Products The best harvest

In Superfruit we have the best dried fruit of the area. We take them from the land itself, we take care of them and we make sure that in each process of our fruits quality remains. This is an enormous team work, everything so that our consumers enjoy the best of us.

Shipping status

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Our Team Essential pillars so that our product has in each step the quality that makes us unique.

Our Dreams

Everything starts with some curiosity, from the need to do something that moves us, something that will last in time. That is how Superfruit was born, a company dedicated to satisfy the needs of our customets and clients. We work to provide a quality product, a product to share unique sensations. Proud we can say that throughout these years we have achieved it.

CONTACT US Answers to your questions.

+56 72 2444372


Camino Vecinal 124, población Santa Cristina, Lo Miranda, Doñihue, Rancagua, Chile.

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